Rubber Sealer
and why it is so important

Recycled Rubber's
Micro Pours allow
dust & body fluids
to accumulate
Moisture Testing
Is the single most important choice you
can make when installing new flooring.
Greatly reduce the risk of new floor
covering failure and have your Moisture
levels check prior to installation.
Many floors are replaced as a
result of their curreant

A regular / Routine
Maintenance Program can
extend the life of your floor for
many years saving you
thousands of dollars.

Inquire about our routine
Maintenance Programs.
Wood Floor wear can easily
be corrected with a fresh
screen and finish recoat.

Depending on the seveirity of
the damage a simple screen
and re-coat can renew yout
wood floor.

For more severe cases a
sand and re-finish will bring
your floor back to life.
Screen & Re-Coat
Construction Clean
Drywall Mud, Paints, Dust and
Oil Based Contaminants
contribute to Floor Failure.

Service to provide properly
construction site debris prior to
your new floor installation.

Call us to get the grime out
before the installers arrive with
your new floor.
Don't replace your entire floor
when it's in great condition.
Renew it!

Save thousands of dollars by
renewing what you all ready

Before you purchase a new
floor, Let's discuss the
possibilities of your existing
Moisture Reducers
Will bring your sub floor to an acceptable
moisture level allowing acceptance of your
new floor without the worry of product
failure. Moisture Reducers are available in
a variety of levels. Check with your
installer today and find out if Moisture
Reducers are right for your project.
Are You Covered?